Psalm 5

You’re probably overwhelmed right now.
In fact, you probably woke up feeling overwhelmed. But God is just a prayer away – any time, day or night. David entered God’s presence “in the morning” (Psalm 5:3). Would your morning be different if you consistently did the same? I know mine would. David asked the Lord “Listen to my words” (5:1). Pay attention Lord! I’m talking to you – please, I’m begging you! But more than that, Lord, please “consider my lament” (5:1). The Hebrew word used is used elsewhere in Deuteronomy and 1+2 Samuel to refer to “discerning or ruminating.”
Meaning that God doesn’t just settle for what you tell him. He considers the root cause of your pain.
Praise God for that! Often I’m a mystery to myself – especially my problems. I’m like a child that’s only distantly aware of the fact that I’ve hurt myself, been hurt, or is hurting others. Lord Jesus have mercy on me! Please, Holy Spirit, “help me in my weakness” (Romans 8:26-27).
Take some time today and “take refuge” in the one who “spreads his protection” over you (5:11). You are only a prayer away from entering God’s throne room.

Author: Ryan Lunde

Young Adults Pastor at Emmanuel Faith Community Church Escondido

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